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Reiki Healing

A reiki healing session

Reiki healing is a very gentle non invasive therapy that helps to utilise the energy that surrounds us to help our bodies and minds to heal themselves.

Reiki originated in Japan over a 100 years ago and since the second world war has gradually spread in popularity around the world as its healing benefits have been recognised and passed on by thankful recipients of the therapy.

A session is usually carried out with the recipient either lying down or sitting in a comfortable and peaceful environment, although it can be used almost anywhere if there is a need for it. There is no need to remove any clothing as Reiki energy passes easily through all materials even plaster casts.

The reiki healing session generally begins with a chat about the process and also about the possible sensations that may be felt during the session. For example there may be slight tingling or feelings of warmth or coldness in areas that may be causing a problem, the practitioner will then stay focused on those areas until the sensation has passed.

The reiki practitioner places their hands very gently in particular positions on the body beginning with the top of the head.  The client very often is so relaxed letting go of every day stresses and strains, that they drift off to sleep. They finish the session holding on to that relaxed feeling very often in less pain and at peace as though a great weight has been lifted from their minds.