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Tai Chi at Serenity

Tai Chi at Serenity in Gosport

Over the years we create stress within our body and mind.

Tai Chi aims to correct this stress through gentle meditative exercise and breathing.

Tai Chi caters for all ages and abilities. Classes are small, friendly and fun.

Tai Chi means “supreme ultimate”.

Tai Chi Chuan means “supreme ultimate fist”, so sometimes referred to as “soft boxing”.

The benefits of Tai Chi

  • Health
  • Stress management
  • Self defence

Tai Chi is often known as moving meditiation. There is stillness in movement and movement in stillness.

To fully appreciate the technique of Tai Chi, you need to become fully immersed in the movements. The body should be relaxed and connected, breathing should be controlled and the mind should be calm and still.

Tai Chi students experience a sense of aliveness and vitality. They gain more co-ordination, balance and confidence in moving.

Tai Chi is useful both preventatively as well as restoring health following injury and illness.

Tai Chi strengthens the immune system and can strengthen the emotional and mental shields.

Tai Chi is an internal martial art using both visible external movement and invisible internal energy movements.

Students using Tai Chi as a martial art learn solid self defence skills and relaxation, not aggression.

There is one more quality that should never leave us – Tai Chi is fun.