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Sports therapy massage

Massage increases blood flow, which enhances the removal of waste substances, and boosts oxygen in the blood. Sports therapy massage is geared towards treatment of specific parts of the body – usually muscoloskeletal problems. Sports massage focuses on muscle-tendon junctions and even a half hour treatment can increase movement in affected areas.

How does sports therapy massage work?

After an injury, scar tissue is formed which is less pliable than undamaged muscle fibres. Trigger points within the muscles can refer pain and inhibit local muscle contraction. Massage can optimise muscle movement and put flexibility back into joints.

The actual massage therapy varies between patients – depending on the related sport. Also, not only is it useful for post-game stresses and pains, sports massage can also help you before an event, to optimise muscle flexibility.

Sports massage Gosport

Sports massage treatment with Kevin Bartrop

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At Serenity in Gosport, Kevin Bartrop will give you a treatment lasting between 30 minutes and an hour. Oil or cream will be used and only the area being massaged needs to be exposed. The initial after effects can slow you down and you should drink plenty of water.