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Auricular acupuncture

Linda Taylor - acupuncturist at Serenity in Gosport

Linda Taylor

Linda had a career in nursing and midwifery for more than thirty years. She has also been practising complementary therapy since the early 1980s. Offering treatments at Serenity Sanctuary in Gosport, Linda has helped people with fertility problems, pain control and other ailments, including giving up smoking.

What is Auricular acupuncture?

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Auricular acupuncture centres around the ear. This treatment adheres to a subset of acupuncture theory that one part of the body can represent the whole body. In other words, each part of your anatomy can function as a system for diagnosis and therapy. This idea is similar to that practised by reflexologists, who use pressure points in the feet to effect reactions through the whole body.

While there are practitioners who employ this ‘microsystem’ technique on various parts of the body, the most well known is auricular acupuncture.

If you have a fear of needles, Linda can treat using tiny magnets instead of needles.

How does auricular acupuncture work?

While acupuncture is an ancient therapy, it wasn’t until the 1950s when auricular acupuncture was developed. A French neurologist, Dr Paul Nogier, observed a locum doctor treating sciatica by cauterizing an area of the ear. Extensive research helped to develop a map linking parts of the body to parts of the ear.

Acupuncture needles, or acupressure, are used on points of the ear to help relieve chronic complaints in the corresponding parts of the body.

Each of the more than 200 acupuncture points on the ear triggers electrical impulses through the brain to the specific part of the body being treated.

One of the significant advantages of auricular acupuncture treatment is that it is complementary to conventional treatments and easily integrates into a variety of multi-disciplinary programmes.