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Bach flower remedies

Linda Taylor provides consultation for Bach Flower Remedies at Serenity Sanctuary in Gosport. These remedies are ideal drug-free methods of treating moods and emotions and they are safe for not only adults and children but also pets and plants.

What are Bach Flower Remedies?

Our health and wellbeing depends on the balance within our body and soul. We each have our own unique make-up of components that make up our mind, body and spirit. We also experience different things in different ways, so the way our mind and body copes with life varies.

Each Bach Flower Remedy is for a specific emotion or mental state and is designed to bring us back to the harmony within ourselves. The most well known and commonly used Bach Flower Remedy is Rescue Remedy, which contains five of the 38 flower remedies and is used for emergencies and calming in traumatic situations.

Basically the remedies are essences of 37 flowers found in our countryside. the one exception being water from a natural spring.

  • They are a self help treatment for everybody, are harmless and have no contraindications
  • If chosen wrongly they will have no effect, but if chosen correctly can be very powerful
  • They are easily accessible and easy to take in liquid form
  • They will enhance a persons well being and help give emotional support
  • They can be used with other therapies, complementary and orthodox, and will improve personal growth
  • They work with our bodies own intelligence and are self diminishing once you have been brought back to balance
  • They treat the person in the present, not the disease or the symptoms


The 38 remedies are divided into seven emotional states and are prescribed for each individual:

  • Fear (Rock Rose, Mimulus, Cherry Plum, Aspen, Red Chestnut)
  • Uncertainty (Cerato, Scleranthus, Gentian, Gorse, Hornbeam, Wild Oat)
  • Insufficient interest in present circumstances (Clematis, Honeysuckle, Wild Rose, Olive, White Chestnut, Mustard, Chestnut Bud)Loneliness (Water Violet, Impatiens, Heather)
  • Those over-sensitive to influence and ideas (Agrimony, Centaury, Walnut, Holly)
  • Despondancy and despair (Larch, Pine, Elm, Sweet Chestnut, Star of Bethlehem, Willow, Oak, Crab Apple)
  • Over-care for welfare of others (Chicory, Vervain, Vine, Beech, Rock Water)

Consultation plus remedy refills

When you come to Serenity Sanctuary, Linda will give you a consultation session to determine your emotional state. Between you, you will decide which Bach Flower Remedy to take. The Remedies can be varied at any time so you can order refills or consult with Linda to change the Remedy.