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Reflexology is all about the feet – the therapist applies pressure to different points of the foot using their thumb and forefinger. Reflexology works on the idea that one part of the body mirrors the whole body (as we describe in our Auricular Acupuncture page).

How does reflexology work?

The body is mirrored in the feet, with each part of the foot linking to a part of the body. All organs, systems and glands of the body can be mapped onto areas of the feet called reflex points. By applying pressure to the right reflex points, the reflexologist can stimulate a response in the corresponding part of the body.

Like other holistic and complementary therapies, reflexology works on the ancient Chinese theory that energy is flowing all around our bodies. When the energy flows freely we are balanced and healthy, but if something blocks the energy flow we can become ill or emotionally unbalanced.

Reflexology treats mind, body and spirit

Reflexology is not about diagnosis or treating medical conditions. It works along holistic principles aiming to treat your mind, body and spirit. You are affected emotionally when you are suffering from a physical illness; when you are feeling stressed, you can become physically ill. By rebalancing the energy flow in the body, both physical and emotional negatives can be corrected. The key thing to note is that reflexology is not about treating one thing. If you have a headache you might take a painkiller but with reflexology the treatment stimulates the whole body to rebalance the energy flow through the whole body.

How can they tell what’s wrong with you?

The blockages in your body are reflected by changes to the skin on the reflex points that correspond to the problem areas. A qualified reflexologist would work these areas.